Creating Modern-day Leaders through the Power of Horsemanship

Achieve Your Leadership Potential

In Collaboration with Horses


Horse Powered Training

Cowgirl Ventures provides intensive career and personal development  that explores modern leadership styles. Through innovative coaching and interaction with horses, we help you master and employ the skills to enhance your personal, and professional lives. Cowgirl Ventures combines unique experiential learning and professional assessments designed to understand one's personal style and help provide innovative solutions. We offer Leadership Development, Professional Development, and Personal development experiential training programs. 



Leadership Training

Cowgirl Ventures has strategic partnerships with innovators in leadership development programs that create powerful professional, and personal development leadership experiences.  
Individuals, groups, students, and professionals have benefitted from experiential programs.

We offer strategic coaching, business consulting, and career advancement training. 

Personal Growth

Whether you choose a couples workshop, or a personal development workshop with Cowgirl Ventures, you will learn how to reach your true potential, learn to relate to others better and and how that may reflect a pattern in your life.  

Specially designed activities as well as work with horses will help participants to realize their natural strengths while gaining self-awareness.


As more research and news is released about the value of equine experiential programs, Mental Health and Equne centers need help developing specific programs to meet their client’s needs.

Cowgirl Ventures provides individual coaching and in depth analysis of how to set up a program, train staff and develop workshops for your members.


Why Horses?

Horses are among the best guides for personal development. As voices of nature, horses are innately honest and authentic, making them perfect teachers for humans.  Being sensitive to the environment for their survival, horses respond to both positive and negative changes in posture, stance, and breathing with other animals and people.


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